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We at TINTMASTERLACY are dedicated to providing you with the best tint on the market.With the finest install. We've used many different in the past and have had the best response with LLumar window film,although higher initial cost in the long haul its worth it. With a solid factory backed warranty and a dedicated nationwide response team, you can be assured if the time ever arises that your tint ever fails you, you can contact a LLumar representative LLumar Window Films - to guide you to the nearest authorized shop to get the repairs needed at no cost to you. you can find one or more authorized LLumar window film dealers in every city in the u.s. with that kind of backing you can feel at ease that you picked the right film. and that film is LLumar. the film line up is 1. color stable dyed film.

2. hybrid metalized film for maximum heat reduction. and our latest is ;

 3. non metalized nano ceramic film. providing maximum infrared heat reduction with no effect to GPS or sat radio,or am frequency's. we also specialize in full front window installation with the clear nano ceramic film. lots of heat and u.v penetrate that front window and why not give yourself full protection from the suns rays. lacy has lots of experience in high end cars like Audi,Ferrari,BMW,Jaguar,Tesla just to name a few. come check our shop next to ace in back of greys furniture. we have an air conditioned waiting area with WIFI for your enjoyment while we trick out your ride.

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