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Da Best in Da West

Tintmasterlacy is located at 74-5490 kaiwi street bay C next to ace hardware behind greys furniture. this is where you will find the west side best tint shop for automobile tinting.

Why us?

With 33 years in the window tint industry Lacy had the 1st tint shop in kona in 1982 on kaiwi street next to big island auto parts. Lots of things has have changed in the industry since the early days of window films, Today the highest standards in the industry for automotive tinting can be found with us. from basic entry level films, to Hi Performance lifetime warranty films, Dedicated suppliers like LLUMAR for almost clear nano ceramic films offering high heat rejection and almost no change to visibility. With Lacy's unmatched keen sense for detail,you can be assured you will get the highest standard of installation techniques including but not limited to (no-splice) automotive installations, to minimal contamination particulates,to speed and service. Typical auto install takes about 2 hours (although we prefer to have your car 3 hours) so whether your need is auto, home or business,we have you covered.

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